The Secret of

tech writers

I’m sure other technical writers play it by the book and start the talk with numbers and information about social media.

I’m also sure that because of that they don’t tell you one really important thing.

Scaling Personal


The thing is – the Internet is not only about numbers and mass production of algorithm-friendly content.

It’s about personalising and trust. And only those writers who are able to scale relationships are worth your while.

Technical Writer

& AI expert

Hi! My name is Zuzanna and I’m an AI professional turned freelance technical writer.​ 

Because of my technical background:

  • I get along with algorithms like no other writer,
  • I know it all comes down to telling a good story.

i create content to

Blog posts and copywriting

Main service I provide is writing technical blog posts which you can use on your website to build credibility and attract premium clients.

Service includes:

  • SEO keyword research and targeting
  • optimised featured image
  • article revisions
  • flexible lengths and price options

Social media ghostwriting

I can create you a set of posts for social media based on what your company does to tell a story about you and your brand.

Because I grow my own social media, I test ideas on myself so my clients get the most popular type of content.


One of the best ways to show credibility is creating freebies like e-books or flashcards based on your company’s experience and case studies.

Let me help with that and propose the form most suitable for you and your brand.

Educational materials

One of the companies’ main problem is that knowledge and know-how is lost when employees are leaving their jobs.

I can prepare you tutorials and documentations that will last for years and will be used by both new and old employees.

This is how working with me looks like ▾

So how it goes? Our first 30 minutes call is free anyway.